WEBPAGESASAP is a web development company that specializes in building individual and corporate websites utilizing the most current web software and technological applications. Web tutorials are another major feature provided here at WebPagesASAP. I am Stephen Collins and I manage this web development company. I am a Professor and Web Services Developer with a 35+ years experience in computer hardware and software, which includes developing and specializing in the latest and advanced applications such as PHP / MySQL / HTML5 / CSS3 / Flash / Ajax / Javascript / Bootstrap / Wordpress / XML and API. I have designed and developed our own CMS (Content Management System) that can be customized to accommodate and facilitate all demands and needs of a corporation or private business.

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Please take the time to examine our work and provide us with feedback by clicking here. We are professionals adhering to a philosophy that emphasizes open-mindedness, integrity, and end-product excellence. We eagerly embrace new challenges and we are always open to learn and incorporate new techniques and technological applications to enhance our work. We expect a high level of competency from ourselves and we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Our projects are updated frequently and we encourage you to check back and view our latest creation. Thanks again for stopping by...we are here to ‘connect you and your business to the Internet’.

About Us

Stephen CollinsStephen has over 40 years of experience in computer business development and web advertising. He has developed a full spectrum of business solutions for companies in the private and pubic sectors.

Stephen has designed and developed more than 100 web sites for domestic markets including organizations such as California State University and Rotary International, as well as global markets (e.g., Mely Agung, Indonesia).

Stephen holds a Master's degree from California State University, San Bernardino. He brings 10 years of higher education experience that includes teaching courses ranging from visual communications to interactive media/web design. He has 100% job placement for the students who completed the web curriculum that he designed. Stephen has on-going tutorial site at "Webcula: PHP my Example" is currently at webcula.com. He has developed a fan site for fans who like world music introducting to them from US to K-pop and J-Pop music at fanmusicsites.com

If you do not keep LEARNING. It will hit you in the BUT, and you have start ALL over again.

Services We Provide


Simple Basic Html Site
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Simple Basic Html Site with Javascript enhancements
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PHP Custom Database Site with Javascript enhancements (CMS)
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Dynamic PHP Package Site (E-commerce Store)
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Package Requirements

All websites are 100% compatible with all browsers. Each site has a seven day turn-around period for completion (however, if we receive additional requests/changes or further instruction from the client, then there would be potential delays in constructing the site). We begin with a conceptual idea that is emailed to the client for authorization. Upon approval, we continue on to the next step which is to assemble the site. We regularly send updates concerning the progress of the website. We, at WEBPAGESASAP, would like you to be informed throughout the entire process. This is of paramount importance to us since feedback is a key factor contributing to progress on a timely basis, and to setting up the website in an efficient manner. We utilize the latest technological applications to transform the site from PHP to Flash with HTML5 and CSS3. We have 1 yr maintenance on the site, so if you need changes or updates. If you have further questions, email me at webcula@gmail.com.


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