Dream is a Japanese pop girl group signed to the Avex Trax label since 2000 and Rhythm Zone since 2009. The group was formed as a result of a 1999 talent contest called "Avex Dream 2000". Originally a three-piece group consisting of Mai Matsumuro, Kana Tachibana, and Yu Hasebe, the group has undergone many changes since its debut in 2000 on the Avex Trax label, and none of the original trio remain. The original trio sold over 950,700 records, and in total the group has sold over 1,100,000 records over the span of 10 years.

On August 1, 2008, Hasebe Yu left DRM in pursuit of a solo career, leaving Tachibana Kana behind as the only member of the original dream. The group changed its name to Dream and their official fanclub (Live Your Dreams) closed down. Also, the group changed management from Avex to LDH (Love Dream Happiness). Nothing was heard from Dream afterward until almost a year later in the summer of 2009.

On September 9, 2009, the group released its first single as Dream and their first physical single since 2005's "Soyokaze no Shirabe / Story". The new single was titled "Perfect Girls / To The Top" and was sold exclusively at a series of free shows Dream did throughout Japan as well as on mu-mo online store. As a special release, it did not chart on Oricon. To promote their comeback, Dream embarked on a nationwide tour of Japan, performing at free lives in numerous cities. For their 2009 comeback all the members changed their stage names to their own romanized given names.

Dream appeared on their first television live performance on December 31, 2009 on CDTV Premium Live 2009>>2010, performing "Perfect Girls". Kana was unable to perform because she suffered from right spontaneous pneumothorax (Tachibana was diagnosed with left spontaneous pneumothorax at 16). Therefore, the CDTV live became Dream's first live performance as a five member unit.

On March 1, 2010, Dream released their second single as a six member group, titled "Breakout", as another mu-mo exclusive. Two months later, having completed their nationwide free performance campaign, Dream held a 3-date live tour titled Dream Live Tour 2010 ~Road to Dream~. They also toured as special guests on labelmate EXILE's EXILE LIVE TOUR 2010 FANTASY alongside fellow LDH artists Happiness and FLOWER.

On August 18, 2010, the group released their major label debut single, "My Way~ULala~" under the rhythm zone label. On October 6, 2010, they released their second major label single, "Ev'rybody Alright!". Three months later, they released their debut album as a 6 member group and 5th studio album overall, Hands Up!. To promote the album, Dream went on the tour titled Dream LIVE TOUR 2010-2011 "Hands Up!!".

On November 23, 2010, Kana announced her graduation on the group's official website, and on February 19, 2011, during the last performance of Dream LIVE TOUR 2010-2011 "Hands Up!!" in Tokyo, she officially graduated from the group. During her graduation, former member Hasebe Yu came on stage and presented her with flowers. Kana left with the intention to pursue a solo career.

On August 23, 2011, Dream revealed a new song titled "Dreaming Girls" in a CM for Samantha Thavasa. The commercial notably featured Itano Tomomi of AKB48 fame. The song was later in December released as their fifth digital single.

In December 2011, E-Girls (EXILE Girls) was formed as a joint project featuring Dream, Happiness, and FLOWER.

In March 2012, Sayaka left the group, leaving Dream as a 4-member unit. In May 2013, the group released their first single as a quartet and 24th single overall, "Only You".


Erie Abe

Erie is a Japanese pop singer and dancer. She is a member of girl groups Dream and E-girls. She joined Dream in 2002 through an audition held by avex in search of new members.

Stage Name: Erie (エリエ)
Birth Name: Abe Erie (阿部絵里恵)
Date of Birth: September 3, 1987 (age 27)
Place of Birth: Okayama Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: O
Bands / Groups: Dream (2002-)
E-girls (2011-)



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